Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council has been meeting monthly since February 2011. We aim to support the Parish Team and parish organisations in looking after the pastoral needs of our community. We hope that parishioners will feel welcome, informed, involved and encouraged to use their gifts in the various ministries of the parish. The noticeboard at the back of church has copies of the minutes of the meetings and photographs to help you identify Council members. We hope that you will feel able to bring suggestions, ideas and concerns to members of our parish team so that we may continue to grow as a community. Please pray for council members and the parish team in order that we may continue to serve the needs of our parish.

Download the Constitution of the Parish Pastoral Council.

Membership of the Sacred Heart Parish Pastoral Council

President: Rev. Canon John Deeny
Chairman: Stephanie Hall

Members to be appointed after the next PPC meeting held on 22 February 2017.

Download the minutes of the last Pastoral Council meeting.

If you would like to receive the Parish Pastoral Council minutes as an email attachment, please click on this link and send us your name, email address and telephone number.

Finance Committee

Chairman: Rev. Canon John Deeny
Dan Docherty
Susan Hills
Bernard Pugh
Anne Schranz

Building Committee

Chairman: Rev. Canon John Deeny
Dan Docherty
Chris Fitzroy
Martin Overy

Deanery Forum

The Deanery Forum is a link between the Parish Pastoral Councils and The Diocesan Pastoral Council.

The forum is made up of two lay representatives from each parish in the Exeter Deanery, Clergy and Religious. Working together we discuss topics that are raised from individual parishes, felt to be of wider concern or interest: e.g. safeguarding, pastoral re-organisation, youth involvement. The views or concerns of the Deanery Council are disseminated back through the forum to individual Parish Pastoral Councils.

Notable recent events and activities include the Exploring Boundaries - Exeter Deanery day held in 2009; promotion of vocations consultation, preparation of stewardship materials for use by the Diocese.

The Deanery Forum meets three times per year, from 7:00pm - 9:00pm, at the University Chaplaincy Meeting Room.

Parish Representative: Liz Toy